Individual skills for a collective adventure

Today, we are fifteen women and men with varied experiences and backgrounds, gathered around the same conception of their craft.

Motivation and team spirit are essential to the quality of our relationships with our clients. Our level of requirement in human relations
Is an important asset in our role in regional, national and international projects.

The new challenges posed by globalization and its demands for "global solutions" invite us to constantly question the position we occupy in the building world and alongside industrial decision-makers.

Because we believe in the complementarity of competencies, because we believe that synergy is born of a balanced but ambitious human resources strategy, we attach a paramount importance to the composition of our teams.

Each one, in its place, contributes to the progress of the company.

For you.

> Fabrice Grisot
CEO of ETI since 2000, Project Leader, Structural engineer. 20 years of experience.
Construction engineer CHEC -CHEM (Center of the High studies of the Metal).
Major outcome of his promotion in 1989.

> Christophe Andreis
Business and Drawing Manager, Structural Engineer
Training engineer CHEC-CHEM.
More than 15 years of experience.

> Nicolas Follenius
Engineer graduated from the Mines of Alès (major of his promotion)
+ than 10 years of experience as a design and execution engineer and then a business manager.

> Frédéric Mariana
Engineer Cust: Mastery of Haubans and Cables
Specialization of metal framework and framework Timber - Technical skills HAUBANS ET CABLES
+ than 15 years of experience in Engineer, calculator and technical manager

> Brice Golly
Engineer calculates structures

> Françoise Gouedard
Responsible for the administrative, accounting and financial cluster in relation to the Management.
More than 20 years of experience

Stéphane, Luc, Franck, Jean-Baptiste, François, Kévin, Rémi, Jocelyn: Draughtsmen - Designers, they are responsible for carrying out the plans, managing the follow-up and carrying out the studies.
Their rigor, their speed of execution and their constantly renewed training on the latest specific software, make them specialists in their field.