Grenoble RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT office: Our technical resources at your disposal


The investment: a strategy

In our business, perhaps more than in others, investment is a real added value. That is why it seems necessary to us to keep a constant watch on the new techniques, the new materials; Their potential, but also their viability. This monitoring is fundamental for the respect of standards, rules, and in particular for the Eurocodes, new texts of reference of our trade.

The materials we work - wood and metal - have their specificities. We therefore maintain permanent relationships with organizations such as AFNOR, CTICM, CSTB or ARCELOR - MITTAL.

Thus, our investment policy is based on a twofold observation:

  In terms of means, not to progress is equivalent to regressing;
  Any innovation is not necessarily a short-term move.
  It is therefore necessary to be audacious while remaining moderate, to invest where it is necessary, when it is necessary, as it is necessary.
  We are able to intervene in a BIM collaborative workflow and to create and fully inform the digital mock-up for the structural lot entrusted to us.

We take part in the design, execution and DOE phase, where we integrate the necessary data at the various levels of detail (LOD) requested, in compliance with the BIM charter and specifications defined by the Client , And the BIM protocol / convention defined by the Project Management.

Based on our experience in practicing the BIM process on important public and private markets: Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris (2015), AIR LIQUIDE Research Center (2016), for example. We can ensure reliable management and sharing of the information we issue as an IFC file (2x3 CV2.0).


The technical means of ETI's company 

Drawing: Software used by the ETI team.

Calcul : Software used by the ETI team.

  • SCIA PRO ENGINEER-SCIA - NEMETSCHEK (dimensioning and analysis) : software platform for modeling, analyzing and detailing any type of structures; SCIA specializes in advanced engineering calculations. With this software, we can meet your requirements on technically the most advanced projects thanks to its computational potential in several dimensions and according to a large number of standards. It also allows to work on the method of the finite elements.
  • STAAD Pro - BENTLEY : This professional software is a tool for dimensioning and analyzing all types of structures, works of art or industrial installations, whatever the project or the material (timber or steel) to the different national standards.

All the ETI's software allow to inform the 3D model.