Explore the possibilities with ETI

At ETI, Grenoble research and development office, we believe that every new project can bring us new knowledge for our future actions. We believe that we enrich our skills in many areas of activity; therefore, we are just as present in the industrial field, as in the architectural world. We are just as interested in the calculations and plans for a concrete tower, as in the project management for the realization of a gymnasium or a footbridge. When necessary, we rely on our experience to achieve our current projects, not hesitating to bring in skills from outside the company to give you the best technical response.

  • Public buildings (hospitals, exhibition halls, museums, shopping centres, housing, heritage centres, cinemas, multi-activity rooms, specific footbridges, ...).
  • Professional buildings (offices, shops, warehouses, hangars...).
  • Industries (cement works, glass furnaces, fibre glass ovens, thermal power station ovens, sludge treatment...).
  • Sport facilities (stadiums, gyms, climbing structures, stadiums...).