About us

A story of passion

The convergence of human and technical expertise from different backgrounds and various activities, to provide a comprehensive service for engineers, architects, builders and other consulting firms; this is the idea shared by the team which makes up ETI.

Acting as a consulting firm in the achievement of architectural works, or industrial facilities, both simple and complex; this has been our objective, every day, for nearly 30 years. We see our job as a human adventure, because our work is primarily a story of passion.

Meeting the challenges with you, puts all our energy and expertise into the success of your project - making it your success; it's all done with materials, of course, but also with the best techniques. To accomplish a mission that will lead to the delivery of a gymnasium, a hospital, a school, a stadium or a factory, human value is paramount. Effective cooperation between stakeholders is essential to the carrying out of a project.

Upstream or downstream, throughout the execution of a project, we encourage cohesion and collective responsibility.

The optimization of building a structure is the true meaning of our profession; maintaining strength and reliability, without disadvantaging the aesthetic or economic aspects, whilst maximizing the reduction of risk.

ETI fully supports the efforts of its clients in sustainable and social development.